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WDA #1 provides specialized services for youth ages 16 - 24. The focus of youth funds, through WIOA, are to serve individuals who are not attending school, who has a barrier to finding or getting employment

The following services are available for eligible youth in the Adams, Brown, Pike and Scioto Counties:

* Basic Skill Remediation - improve reading and math skills necessary to secure employment and/or get into the training program

* Leadership Development - gain skills in problem-solving, communication, teamwork, citizenship, and more.

* Occupational Skills Training - apply for scholarships to assist with skills training in high-demand occupations in the local area.

* Support Services - apply for funds to assist with the transportation costs while in post-secondary training.

* Work Experiences - gain valuable work ethic skills, learn about careers, and earn money through our internships, summer employment, or work experience programs.

* Financial Literacy - learn about your credit scores, managing finances, taxes, bank accounts, and become financial savvy.

* Mentoring - gain valuable knowledge through a mentoring program with individuals selected from the community to help guide career choices.

* Entrepreneurial skills- learn about the necessary steps to take in order to start your own business.

* Labor Market Information - gain information on the "hot" jobs of today and the future.

* Access Counseling, Case Management and Follow-up Services that will help develop a plan for success in educational and employment opportunities.

For information about youth programs available in the WDA #1 Workforce Development Area, please contact:

Adams County: 937-695-0316 or 1-800-233-7891 - ask for WIOA Youth Program

Brown County: 937-378-6041 or 1-800-553-7393, ext 261 - ask for WIOA Youth Program

Pike County: 740-289-2371 - ask for WIOA Youth Program

Scioto County: 740-354-3745 - ask for WIOA Youth Program


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